/// naguals community agreements

wheat pasting best practices
suggested applications
encountering police

We as the poster collective Naguals Press ask that you respect these guidelines if using our art in an effort to be intentional and targeted with our message and actions. Your actions are a reflection of our art, messages and campaigns as well as the greater struggle. Thank you.

wheat pasting best practices

• 11×17 snipes are applied with a water-soluble adhesive aka wheat paste.

• We do NOT target private property**.

• We are NOT responsible for individuals or groups who undertake these steps, nor do we condone this behavior. However, we recognize you are all autonomous individuals and we are honored to share voices with you.

• If you use this art out of context or egregiously outside of these guidelines and/or for your own personal gain we reserve the right to not associate with you and your group and to cease providing you any further art requests.

**Exceptions: single-family homes or multi-family buildings where it has been documented people of color have been harassed or displaced by eviction, rent increases or unscrupulous landlords.

suggested application sites

Always scope out your locations in the daylight beforehand. Look for surveillance cameras, good walls and electrical boxes.

1st choice
city-owned electrical boxes
plywood construction barriers

2nd choice
newspaper dispensers
rolling container trash cans
local city trash cans

3rd choice
thick metal streetlight poles
wooden telephone poles

no way, never a choice. has greater consequences.
federal property
post office boxes
private homes & business of POC

They may be problematic, but we do not support this unless a discussion occurs to vet the subject thoroughly in the quest to be as accurate as possible.

electrical boxes w/artwork or murals

This is a mixed guideline. Many cities have been appropriating electrical boxes for art programs. We do not paste up on community murals, local artists or community memorials. However, we have encountered memorials that have been installed by government officials as personal memorials for their families or causes. That is a completely legit target. Do your research.

da police & da consequences

If the police show up, here are some tips to avoid confrontation.

DO NOT panic.

DO NOT run.

Be respectful and answer all questions.

Don’t give them a reason to be dicks.

When asked, “what are you doing?”, the correct answer is “working on an ART PROJECT”.

If you are not doing anything “destructive” to private property then they will most likely leave you alone.

“Destruction of private property” is defined as creating more than $200 in damage to a home or business. If they try to accuse you of that, respectfully explain that the glue you are using is water soluble and can be washed away.

This is typically not an arrestable offence. The officer may make it a warning or a citation. 

If they ask you to leave, then leave… You can always go to another neighborhood or come back another night.

Minimize police and public contact by going during non-peak hours. Sundays through Wednesdays after 11:00 pm and after midnight are best. After Thursday contact with people and police increases. If weekends are the only days available, then after “last call” or 2:30 am is best.

Be safe. We value you and your spirit.

naguals press

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